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Motivational speaker

Former national coach of the Swiss national men’s hockey team and mental coach for top-level sports teams in Europe.

I have “more than three decades experience” turning ordinary teams into close-knit, solid teams.

Motivational, inspiring, fascinating, and educational team-building presentations

Rob Wuijster English & Nederlands
Rob Wuijster

Are you looking for a motivational speaker for your next corporate event, meeting, congress or symposium? I am the former coach of the Swiss men’s national hockey team and a mental coach for top-level sports teams in Europe. Team building, motivation and inspiration are my passion.

 Enthusiasm, positivity, and strength – that just shines through with Rob Wuijster. An inspiring speaker, convincing, clear, gives good examples, there is interaction and not unimportant… humour.

Team building and motivation

Do you need your team members and teams to work more effectively together? Would you like a cohesive feeling of togetherness? Can you ensure that all team members are real team players? Let me teach your executives how to create a close-knit team that works skillfully together.

Do you want your audience to be pumped up and given hope, energy, and faith? Do you want them to be motivated and inspired? Do you want me to teach them concrete techniques that will help them achieve better results, personally and professionally? Do you wish that they were more involved? Then read on!

Team building and motivating teams was my greatest strength as a coach. It’s something I’m good at and it suits me perfectly. The techniques and skills required to build and motivate successful teams interests me immensely. 

“For a finance event at DPD, we used Rob for a presentation about team building. He is really clear and listened carefully to our wishes and then included them in his story. I would definitely invite him again as a speaker.”

I have ” more than three decades experience ” turning ordinary teams into close-knit, solid teams.

I’ve transformed them from average to exceptional, where team members go through fire for each other and the team can achieve their common goals with a better performance.

I give inspiring, team-building speeches for team members, teams, and managers. My speeches provide more positivity, better cooperation and a better result!

  • 2 + 2 can be 4.
  • 2 + 2 can also be 3!
  • And, 2 + 2 can also be 19!

Let me tell you how to get 2 + 2 = 19!

The techniques I cover have proven themselves and I have used them successfully to inspire, motivate and build better teams both on the field and in businesses, large and small.

Speeches for executives

I teach you how you can create a close-knit team as a manager, where the team members work together optimally to achieve the goal. Learn how you can turn your team members into real team players who are focused and dedicated to achieving results.

I reveal which techniques you can use right now to help your team members grow together so that the team rises above itself and is more effective.

Speeches for employees and teams

I cover how to be an ideal team player, and how to work well with other team members and teams. I teach practical and simple techniques that get results. In addition, I motivate the team members and teams to apply these techniques immediately!

My name is Rob Wuijster and I am a Dutch motivational speaker. In my speeches, I will tell you about my experiences as the national coach of the Swiss national men’s hockey team and as a mental coach for top-level sports teams in Europe. As a mental coach, I have worked with rugby, ice hockey and football teams.

Experience as a speaker

I have vast experience as a speaker and have presented to a variety of target groups. I have given presentations to businesses, municipalities, and various levels of government. I also present to entrepreneurs, business associations and clubs, networking events, students, foundations, associations, top sports teams, top sports trainers and coaches, and parents of top athletes. In addition, I also present to the incarcerated.

You can book me for live speeches!

Does the idea of working more effectively and feeling motivated appeal to you? Have you become curious? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me or book me directly for a speech.Book me and let me tell a fascinating story at your event. Let me inspire, motivate and entertain your audience.

You can book me worldwideOnly live speeches

  • Group/team size: Anywhere from 20 to 500+.
  • Duration of the speech: From 30 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • Possible: 2 subsequent speeches in a half day.
  • Training can be custom-tailored to your company’s needs.

I offer speeches at your location. 

Let Rob Wuijster teach you how to be a better and more effective team, now. Contact him for availability, pricing, and a free consultation to see how his expertise can improve your bottom line.




Client testimonials:

“Rob had me and the team captivated from the first seconds. Great positive energy. Highly recommended!”

“I have experienced many guest speakers in my career, but Rob is one of the few who really comes to me with his story.”

“I immediately got a lot of energy when Rob Wuijster started with his story.”

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    Rob Wuijster in Volendam
    Rob Wuijster in Volendam
    Rob Wuijster

    Rob Wuijster

    Teambuilding specialist

    Specialist in teambuilding, voormalig bondscoach. Transformeert een groep mensen tot een team. Spreekt als gastspreker over teambuilding en biedt teambuilding workshops en begeleidingstrajecten.