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Rob Wuijster

Are you looking for a motivational speaker for your corporate event, meeting, congress or symposium? I am the former coach of the Swiss men’s national hockey team and mental coach for top level sports.

 I have experienced many guest speakers in my career, but Rob is one of the few whose story profoundly moved me to action and success.

Do you want the audience to be pumped up and given hope, energy and faith? Do you want them to be motivated and inspired? Do you want me to tell them about concrete techniques that will help them achieve better results? Do you want them to be more involved?

Do you want them to have a good time? Then read on!

My name is Rob Wuijster and I am a Dutch motivational speaker. And in my speeches I will tell you about my experiences as national coach of the Swiss national men’s hockey team and mental coach in top level sports. As a mental coach I have worked in rugby, ice hockey and football.

Experience as a speaker

I have vast experience as a speaker and have presented to a variety of target groups. I have given presentations to businesses, with municipalities, and for various levels of government. I also present to entrepreneurs, business associations and clubs, networking events, students, foundations, associations, top sports teams, top sport trainers and coaches, and parents of top athletes. In addition, I also present to the incarcerated.


The topics I talk about are: thoughts are powers (the success mindset), Reach your goals, developing a winning mentality, team building and leadership! Every speech is inspiring, motivating and fascinating!

Reach your goals!

During this speech I will tell you how you can realize your dream. And how you can achieve your goal. I wanted to become the national coach of a country, preferably in Southern Europe!

But I had a major problem: I’ve never played hockey myself, I knew nothing about the rules, technique and tactics. And I couldn’t demonstrate any technique. And I didn’t know anything about the hockey culture and I spoke the wrong language. And I was wearing the wrong clothes. And I was wearing the wrong clothes, both casual and sportswear!

Seven years later I became the head coach of the Swiss national men’s hockey team. Was this luck? Well no, I had a plan! And I have

achieved my goal with this plan. During this speech I will tell you how I achieved my goal. Of course I also tell about all the failures and setbacks. And how I eventually overcame these setbacks.

Thoughts are powers

The most precious possession you have is your own thoughts. With your thoughts you can create the life you desire! And you can indicate a favorable and positive turn in difficult moments and in major setbacks.

The thoughts you have determine what you do and the result you achieve! Do you want different results? Then think in a slightly different way!

To be successful you must have successful thoughts. During this speech I will tell you how to transform your current thoughts into more successful thoughts. So during this speech I will tell you how you can learn to think successfully.Through which your thoughts support the achievement of your goal and the realization of your dream!

Team building

As a former national coach and mental coach, I have a lot of experience in turning a team into a close-knit team. Where the team members go through fire for each other and for the team to achieve the common goal.

During the speech I will tell you which techniques you can use to help the team members grow together so that the team rises above itself! And get great results!

  • 2 + 2 can be 4!
  • 2 + 2 can also be 3!
  • And, 2 +2 can also be 19!

During this speech I’m going to tell you how to get 2 + 2 = 19!

Winning coaching

As a club coach of the Swiss Grashoppers and Swiss HC Olten, we have achieved good results at various European Cups. As national coach of Switzerland, we have, among other things, become third in Europe twice.

During this speech I will tell you how I coached these top sports teams. And what principles I used. And where I put the emphasis on leadership.

This approach has proven itself successful in practice! During this speech I will tell you everything about this successful approach!

Be surprised by this unique and successful approach!

Creating a winning mentality

Some athletes do everything they can to win while other athletes don’t quite go for it. Top athletes with a winning mentality do not only do everything to achieve a good result. But they are also willing to sacrifice other things.

I have good news! You can learn to win. You can create and develop a winning mentality.

You can create a winning mentality in players, but also in your employees and yourself. During this speech I will give you various techniques with which you can develop a winning mentality in yourself and among employees and team members.

Employees and team members with a winning mentality do everything they can to achieve the goal. And they are so focused on the goal. That they are willing to sacrifice other things that do not support the achievement of the goal.

Which manager and coach does not want that?

Features of my presentations

Live and online

You can book me for online speeches and live speeches!

Make no mistake. Online speeches are also very inspiring. After I gave an online speech, someone said to me: “Rob, I thought you were going to pull me through the screen.”

Do these speeches appeal to you? Have you become curious? Do you have any questions? Do you have a good feeling about the speeches? Please feel free to contact me or book me directly for a speech!

Book me and let me fly in and let me tell a fascinating story at your event! Let me inspire, motivate and entertain your audience!

Leader and speaker

Rob’s experience is evident from the moment he steps on stage – fascinating and involving his audience from the start. When the audience walks out of the room, they depart inspired and motivated, taking with them a new way of thinking, of seeing and of being.




Rob Wuijster in Volendam
Rob Wuijster in Volendam

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