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Motivational, inspiring, fascinating and educational presentations for entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed.

Are you looking for a motivational speaker for your corporate event, meeting, congress or symposium? I am the former coach of the Swiss men’s national hockey team and mental coach for top level sports.

 I have experienced many guest speakers in my career, but Rob is one of the few whose story profoundly moved me to action and success.

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Rob Wuijster

Experience as a speaker

I have vast experience as a speaker and have presented to a variety of target groups. I have given presentations to businesses, with municipalities, and for various levels of government. I also present to entrepreneurs, business associations and clubs, networking events, students, foundations, associations, top sports teams, top sport trainers and coaches, and parents of top athletes. In addition, I also present to the incarcerated.


You can achieve more than you think

Achieve your objectives! During this presentation, I will tell you how you can reach your goals in areas of interest and talent.

Thoughts are powers

Success is a result of your attitude and performance, while attitude and performance are a result of your thoughts. During this presentation I will tell you how you can change your own mind in a positive way and in doing so, achieve your dreams and goals.

Features of my presentations

My presentations are motivating, powerful, delightful, educational, and thought-provoking. They contain many practical examples and real-life applications for those in attendance.

If you invite me to your meeting or event, you are hiring a speaker who motivates, inspires, and shares knowledge. During the presentation I will communicate insightful topics in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

My approach to presenting includes practical examples that engages the audience. Their attention is guaranteed as the content conveys strategies that everyone can employ to improve the quality of their lives and achieve their goals.

Leader and speaker

Rob’s experience is evident from the moment he steps on stage – fascinating and involving his audience from the start. When the audience walks out of the room, they depart inspired and motivated, taking with them a new way of thinking, of seeing and of being.




Rob Wuijster in Volendam
Rob Wuijster in Volendam

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